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Welcome to Silver Bow Labradors. We have been successfully breeding American standard Labradors for 39 years. We specialize in Chocolate and Black Labs. We are located in Washington State on Thirty-Eight beautiful acres, where all of our pups are born and raised. We imprint our puppies from birth and handle them every day, several times a day. They love to snuggle. We handle all of our pups like they are going to homes with children. Silver Bow pups are introduced to new variables and environments, when they are ready, in order to grow their confidence and development.

Silver Bow Labrador pups are bred for health first! We only breed dogs that are 0FA clear of any hip dysplasia and CERF clear of any eye defects. Only then, will they be considered for our breeding program. Our dogs are clear of PRA, EIC, CNM and DILUTE by parentage. Meaning, the parents are not carriers thus the puppies are genetically clear.  We are breeding intelligent, problem solving, thinking dogs in our kennel. These dogs are hard charging in the field and able to turn it off in your home. This is important! We do not breed hyper Labradors... Our dogs have exceptional hunting lines that are tried and true. They have the lineage and proven performance to back up what you need them to do in the field!

Our pups stop traffic with their looks!!  We believe that it is important to have a pup that you can be proud of, but looks are nothing if you don't have great genetics! And we do. That's why we make sure that health is first in our breeding program.

Silver Bow pups are AKC registered and come with a full hip and eye guarantee. We want you to feel as confident as we do about what you are getting from our kennel. Our guarantees on all of our puppies apply only to the original purchaser.

Hunting dogs, duck dogs

Hunting Dogs: Silver Bow Labradors has been breeding excellence since 1985. If you are looking for a hunting dog/companion you have come to the right place.
Our goal has been to breed the best quality Labradors with the intention of improving the breed. Silver Bow Labrador pups come from excellent tried and true lines that are from American standard hunting lines.

The intelligence and drive are in each puppy, but they are able to turn it off in the home, which makes them wonderful family dogs. At seven weeks of age, our pups are already retrieving goose and duck wings, and bringing them back to your hand.

They show no fear! Our pups are introduced to sounds from nowhere, new environments and water. We move them several times in the first eight weeks of their lives so they learn to not be afraid of new places. They are extremely confident and are ready to take on the world.

There is nothing more beautiful than hunting over a fantastically smart dog and we have award winners here at Silver Bow Labradors!

Search and Rescue Dogs: If you are looking for a certain rescue partner, you have come to the right place. We have had great success pairing teams that have been successful in the field. You will need a dog with a high play drive, but something that can turn it off as well. We have problem-solving dogs that love to do the work. Please call us for more information so that we can talk about exactly what you’re looking for so we can pair you with the right dog.

AKC Registration and Breeding your dog: All of our puppies come with AKC registration papers. We sell puppies with limited registration papers, which means you may not breed the dog. This does not limit your dog in any way from participating in field trial events, agility or any other organized events. 

Breeders: If you are specifically looking for an animal for a breeding program we are always open to talking with Breeders and discussing our requirements for a full registration.

Silver Bow Labs has placed dogs all over the country. Our dogs have been used by professional hunters for many years. Our dogs are also used for antler retrieval, Search and Rescue as well as service animals and family companion dogs. We have been donating dogs for people with disabilities for many years. We have placed the first service dog in Lima, Peru that aids over 350 children with special needs. It is vital that puppies are temperament tested to make sure that the right pup goes to the right family. We are wonderful match makers here at Silver Bow!

Picking Your Puppy: A litter of ten puppies may all look the same but they are all different in personality. We tattoo our pups at five weeks and start watching their personalities. We spend lots of time with our puppies socializing them and introducing them to new things to see how they react. This has been a huge benefit to our clients because we can help you navigate the process of choosing a puppy. We've spent so much time with these little ones that we can tell you what their personalities are. We want you to have the best fit for your family and we want the puppy to be happy doing what God created it to do... (Hunting, SAR, Antler work, Therapy dogs, and Service work). There will be no other clients here while you are picking out your puppy. You will have the full facility at your disposal. You may bring the pups out and play with them with wings and toys to determine which puppy is the best fit for you and your family,and of course we are here to help! Our facility is 100% ADA accessible for our clients.

Each of our clients is allotted an hour and a half to pick out their new family member! Our many years of experience show that this is plenty of time and is rarely all used up. We have several appointments on each day of puppy pick up, so we recommend that you arrive promptly for your arranged time so you get your full allotted time, as appointed times cannot be exceeded due to consecutive appointments. If for some reason you are unable to make your arranged appointment, we will work with you over the phone to pick your perfect puppy!

Puppy Pick Up Day - Just a reminder of what you will need for your trip.

  • Towel
  • Kennel- Medium to large so that your puppy has something to grow into. Don’t waste your money on a small kennel.
  • Water/water dish and puppy food if traveling over night.
  • Your puppy is currently eating Purina Pro Plan Sport (You may change flavor, but I would not change brands for a year).
  • Small garbage bags
  • We have pine chips for your kennel if you need it.
  • You will be receiving a packet of information, AKC paperwork, health guarantee and shot record book for your puppy.
  • We require that you please bring cash at time of pick up for the remaining balance owed on your puppy.
  • Your puppy will have two shots under his/her collar at time of pick up. It is a good idea for you to plan on stopping every two hours so that your puppy can take a break on the way home. We ask that you refrain from taking your puppy to parks, rest stops, or other highly populated areas where other dogs will be. We need to take every precaution to protect your puppy until it is completely vaccinated at 18 weeks.
  • Your puppy will have its 5 week and 8 week shots and will need another shot at 11 weeks. So be make sure to get a vet appointment the week after your pick up your puppy.
  • Our address is 27405 W. Highland Extension Road. Benton City WA 99320.
  • Everyone will be required to step in bleach before they enter the property so make sure you wear the proper boots.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m looking forward to meeting you face-to-face and helping you pick out the puppy of your dreams!

I Want A Puppy From Silver Bow! How Do I Get Started? We require a $500.00 Non­ Refundable deposit to hold your place in line for a puppy. Your position for a pick in the litter is determined by when your deposit arrives. If we do not produce the color or gender of your choice, we will refund your deposit or let it ride on a future litter. The choice is yours. The full cost of the puppy is due the day of pick up and we require cash on the balance on the day of pick up. Puppies flying out of state need to be paid well in advance to shipping. Our breedings are carefully selected so if you are considering a Silver Bow Labrador please call us today. Not all of our breedings are listed... we do have some breedings that may not be advertised.

COST OF PUPPY: Our litters are not all the same price. The cost is determined on the breeding itself. (The pedigree of the animals being bred are considered, and if the breeding was natural or if an artificial insemination, or surgical implant were required). Also, the ability to reproduce the breeding. (Some breedings are done with frozen semen with dogs that are exceptional and the breeding may not be able to be done again). Rare breedings cost more.
Call for more information on the litters that are advertised.

Vaccinations, Worming and Dew Claws:
Our puppies get a Neo-par shot at 4 1/2 weeks.
At eight weeks all puppies receive a Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus vaccine.
All Puppies will have two shots under their collar before they leave at eight weeks.

All bitches are wormed before and after they give birth. Which is transferred over to the puppies in the early stages of their development.
Puppies receive worming as follows:
3 1/2 weeks - Pyrantel
4 1/2 weeks - Toltrazuril
5 1/2 weeks - Pyrantel
6 1/2 weeks - Toltrazuril
7 1/2 weeks - Pyrantel

All dewclaws are removed from puppies at five days after birth.
Puppies are ready to rehome at eight weeks of age.

Pet Insurance
Silverbow Labradors is proud to announce that we are offering thirty days of FREE pet insurance with the purchase of your puppy. Trupanion is an excellent company that partnerships with us and our clients to provide your pet with top notch coverage for the first 30 days after arriving to their new home. This gives our clients peace of mind and gives our puppies the best head start possible after going to their new home. In the event that something unforeseen arises, your puppy will have the best care available. 

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We are passionate about what we do, and that has allowed us to build wonderful friendships with many clients, which become repeat clients. If you get a pup from us, you will want your next pup from us. At Silver Bow we value our relationships because our relationship doesn't end when you get your pup, that's when it begins! We look forward to helping you find the perfect Labrador for you and your family. Give us a call today to reserve your puppy.

Silver Bow Labradors
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