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My name is Michael, l recently Actually not recently but I had to lay my dog down and it's been quite some time my mom had come across Silver Bow Labradors ran by Lauren, and explained what the situation was, and the particular dog that I needed not so much breed but the emotional bond, due to PTSD, Lauren said that she had two dogs in mind a male and a female which she did but there was no need to see the male once I saw the female, I knew she was the one just by looking in her eyes, it's been almost 3 weeks now and she's almost 26 lbs healthy as all get out and loving to no end, I seriously am looking forward to her training it starts next week, she is going to become certified as a therapy dog and I know for a fact she has it in her, the first night she slept in her kennel just a little baby, the next afternoon I was taking a nap and she was sitting by the edge of the bed so I put her in bed with me and she took a nap as well, and now she sleeps with me all the time, she only takes her daytime naps in the kennel, but night time she Is right beside me, and I'm loving that she's already starting to do the job that she will be trained to do just naturally, Lauren I want to thank you so much, you picked out the perfect dog for me, and I highly recommend Lauren and the Silver Bow Labradors for lack of a Of a better word “ranch” For this little girl that's been brought into our lives mom and I appreciate you to no end. PS Her name is Delilah.


I had to send you this. I left Coco at home when I went deer hunting last week. She was not happy. I came back and got my duck hunting bag ready for this morning. She slept on it all night to make sure I wasn’t going to leave her again.

~ John Stacy

November 8, 2023
To whom it may concern,

I am 77 years old, widowed from my wife after 44 years of marriage. While we were married, we lost two children, a daughter and a son to heart related issues. The only time in my life that I have not been blessed with a dog was when I was in the service. Roughly a year ago I had to have one of the finest dogs in my life put down because of cancer. He was an amazing wonderful part of my life. When my wife died my dog kept me going when things were pretty bleak. I was trying to find another black lab similar to him without any real luck.

This past fall, I was given a gift from God in the form of a meeting with a lady named Lauren Seitz, who owns Silver Bow, Labrador’s in Benton City, Washington. What an amazing experience that was!

During my life I have visited kennels throughout the United States, Canada, England, and South Africa. I have never experienced anything like what I saw at Lauren’s kennel, known as Silver Bow Labradors. Her dogs are treated as good as many children are in human families. The puppies are handled, socialized and loved. They reflect back toward people exactly what they have grown to know and understand. Unconditional love and attention from Lauren and her staff of employees. The kennels and runs are immaculate. Lauren demands attention to detail from her staff and tolerates nothing else. The puppies that she produces from her kennels are a perfect representation of that love and ethic.

I ended up being selected/owned by a beautiful little fellow, who picked me. What a gift he is! I could never have found another black lab quite like him in another hundred years. His name is Silver Bow’s Chugach Charlie. I have been blessed and I am sincerely grateful for this. I would highly recommend Silverbow Labradors if you are looking for an exceptional best friend!

~ Dave Campbell
   Eagle, River, Alaska

We have had our Chocolate Lab from Silver Bow Labrador Retrievers for over two years now, and I cannot express enough how wonderful the experience has been. From the initial inquiry, to bringing home my new furry family member and hunting buddy, every step of the process was marked by professionalism, care, and a genuine love for their dogs.

First and foremost, the facility itself is a testament to Silver Bow's commitment to the well-being of their animals. It's clear that the dogs are raised in a loving environment, with ample space to play and thrive. The cleanliness and organization of the kennels reflect the high standards maintained by Silver Bow.
My Lab is not only beautiful but also exhibits the exceptional temperament that the breed is known for. It's evident that Silver Bow prioritizes breeding for health, temperament, and conformation to the breed standard. He is beginning in his third season of duck hunting with us and has made several hundred retrieves, truly an incredibly athletic dog capable of performing in difficult conditions on long hunts. And the best part about it is he can turn it off and be a great sociable family dog the other 90% of the year.

I have had the pleasure of staying in touch with Lauren, the breeder, over the past couple years, who is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Labrador Retrievers. She has been readily available to offer advice and guidance, reinforcing their genuine interest in the well-being of their dogs throughout their entire lives. We had the opportunity to return to the farm this season for a hunt nearby on the Yakima River and our lab Kuma had an unforgettable hunt, limiting out on ducks, with some bonus honkers too! Kuma performed exceptionally well in the current of the river and got to make his first water retrieve on a greater Canadian. Truly an amazing hunt, made that much better by being able to return home to Silver bow to see Lauren and Jeff, as well as Kuma’s parents, Jet and Muddy!

I highly recommend Silver bow Labs for hunting dogs and/or family dogs!

~ Patrick Murphy

What an amazing experience we had with Lauren and her staff. From the minute we talked on the phone I knew this was a match. Once we met her and toured the property we were 100% sure!! Her property is immaculate and we were able to meet the mom and dad and see other litters. We’ve had Tiki home a few days short of a month and she is so darn smart!! Within a few days she knew her name. A few days later she was learning basic commands. Loves her crate!!!! Has been in a car , golf cart and is great on a leash. This is our 4th lab and she is definitely the smartest one we’ve had. Thank you Lauren!!!!!!

~Jo Ann Deller

From the moment I first spoke with Lauren, I knew this was going to be the perfect fit for our family. Lauren took the time to connect and get to know about our family and what we were looking for. She was very open about inviting us out to come and visit the farm. We got to spend several hours on the farm the day we picked out our boy Jett. Lauren and her staff were very patient and kind, letting us take our time and were helpful along the way. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Lauren and the Silver Bow staff are. Jett has assimilated into our family almost too easily. He listens very well and has a mild, pleasant demeanor. We are extremely happy and would highly recommend Silver Bow.

~Rachel Barstow

We love our new puppy Tula! Tula is in great health with a wonderful disposition. Silver Bow Labradors was top-notch.

~Thomas Strandjord

I knew from the min that I talked to Lauren on the phone that this was where I was going to be getting my next dog from. She was so pleasant, very informative, and just very understanding to what we were looking for. She shared some options and we made a decision. She shared pictures and videos 2-3 times over the 8 weeks from birth to pick up. When we went to pick Winston up (Chocolate Male) Lauren and the facilities exceeded my expectations which were already quite high given the experience to that point. My favorite part of the experiences was her comment when we were leaving...she said, This is not the end of our relationship, but the beginning." She was very encouraging to reach out with questions or concerns and has followed up with me since we brought Winston home. We weren't looking for a working dog, but wanted a reputable breeder as well as the temperament and trainability of a champion. As far as the dog himself, Winston has been an amazing puppy so far. He is SO SMART. He's been here for two weeks now. He took to his crate like it was already in his DNA, it took only days to house break him. He is quickly learning commands and has settled in to being a staple member of the family. I will update this review after we've had him a bit longer, but I feel very confident in the direction we're going. I highly recommend Lauren and Silverbow Labs. The next time we are looking for a dog...Lauren will be my first call.

~Drew Schnell

Where do I begin? I can write a novel on how amazing Lauren with Silver Bow Labradors is. We started our journey looking for an ethical breeder. One who loves their dogs like family and not a dollar sign,. We met with numerous breeders, none of them gave us the warm and fuzzies like Silver Bow. From the very first email, to the phone calls, and finally to got you day, felt right. Lauren is knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. Upon our arrival at Silver Bow things felt right. Her property is beautiful, lots of room for the fur babies to play. She truly cares about the health and well being of her dogs. Her dogs are smart, beautiful, healthy, and happy. The overwhelming feeling of happiness I experienced while meeting Ryders parents, and others made me cry. When we seen Ryder, we fell in love. Lauren gave us time to play with Ryder, she never rushed us nor did we feel pressured. Ryder has been with us for one week now. Ryder has sooo much personality, he is so smart, eager to learn and please. He is gentle and happy. He is the perfect addition to our family. Our hearts are full. We are truly blessed. I thank the lord for bringing Lauren into our life. We will defiantly be getting another fur baby from Silver Bow. If you are a responsible loving, good hearted person who is looking for an ethical breeder, I highly recommend Silver Bow Labradors.

~ Cheryl Hasson

We can't say enough amazing things about Silver Bow Labradors. Once the pups were born Lauren kept us updated as they grew to 8 weeks when we could come to puppy pick out day. The facility where they are raised is clean and wonderful. Lauren and her team were so helpful on puppy pick out day. We played with all the available dogs and they gave us good things to try and consider in picking out our new member of the family. As we identified dogs we didn't think were the one, they would quietly remove the dogs and help us continue to pick our dog. When we got down to two, they gave us new areas of the property to go to and things to try. They asked us what was important to us in adding a family member and helped us pick the right dog. We have had "Hoss" home for a few weeks now and he's a great addition to the family, we are in love. Our children are over the moon excited. Lauren has been doing for a long time, she shared her expertise, gave us time to be a family and decide with respect and help when needed. She has been wonderful to work with and we are already thinking about coming back for a second dog so Hoss has a buddy to play with. Will continue to share with family and friends how wonderful Silver Bow Labradors are and if someone is wanting a beautiful, quality lab, this is the place to go. Thank you Lauren!

~ Ryan Clark

The experience in bringing home a new family member has been memorable, very structured and their every action personified right from the start.
We began our journey with Silver Bow by dropping them an email. Their response was swift -next day and we followed up with a call where we were onboarded basis on our commitment and expectations. Once we are on the waiting list, we got regular updates from Lauren.
Silver Bow have an exemplary place and environment. Lauren & team are extremely knowledgeable, very polite & patient in answering questions, they expressed their willingness to support us even after bringing the pup home.
Lauren and team provided ample time to spend with the litter and assisted us with our decision making, a big shout out to Alondra for keeping our toddler company safe and engaged whilst we spent time with the litter. All of the litter are in great shape- healthy, well socialized and cared for.
We received full health records and registration papers- very transparent, considerate and compassionate team.

Good people, great hosts.
Lots of love & regards to you, Lauren.

We are super glad about our association with Silver Bow.
Highly recommend, Silver Bow.
~ Kalpana Vikrant

Lauren and silver bow Labradors were great to deal with both in picking the litter she was most accommodating not knowing how many pups she would have, as well as selecting the pup. We did find a great breeding that fit our timeline and has already made a great addition to the family bonding well with my two young girls.

~ Greg Morrison

After hunting season I was looking for a Black Lab Puppy. I have retired my Black Lab Miss Briar at fourteen years old, a retirement well deserved. I looked at a lot of Labrador Breeders that really did not stand out to me until I ran across Silver Bow Labradors. I liked what I saw on Laurens web page and decided to give her a call. Just by talking to Lauren I new this was the Labrador Breeder I wanted. Very professional and answered all my questions. She had a litter coming up in mid February and so I got in line for a new puppy. One of the best choices I ever made. My wife and I went to her facility before we picked Ember up and we were really taken back on the kennels and how clean they were. A first class operation. We now have Ember and what a joy she has brought us. She is very smart and now at 9 weeks she has most of the basic commands down. Hands down I would recommend Lauren at Silver Bow Labradors in a heart beat. I can not thank you enough Lauren for your time and the opportunity for getting such a sweetheart. Ember has been a blessing in this family.

~ Jerry Leisle


Our family would highly recommend Lauren and Silver Bow Labradors! We reached out to Lauren this fall about getting a new hunting pup. Every conversation we had with Lauren was great! She really took the time to figure out what our needs were and answered any of our concerns, especially the ones we had regarding how our older lab might react to our new addition. We added Dakota to our family about 4 weeks ago, which was earlier than expectant but has been a godsend. Dakota is truly a beautiful, smart, and well trainable dog. Her personality is really starting to develop, and she has sparked a fire in our old dog, so it's like having two puppies! We are so thrilled with Dakota that we are talking about getting another puppy sometime in the next year and a half, so she has a buddy to grow up with. Thank you so much Lauren!

~ Erika Wainwright

Lauren - This is a big belated thank you. It was about a year ago that we reached out to you in search of a sire mate for our female Lab Miley. Starting with the breeding we really appreciated your knowledge, experience and patience especially since Miley was not very receptive. Miley had 4 males and 4 females – we had a waiting list of family members and close friends who wanted a pup. We gave them all away and couldn’t be happier that they are all in wonderful homes. 7 are hunting dogs and 1 is the best buddy of a 6 year old boy ( he named his pup Jet). The best part of giving them to family and close friends is we get update photos of the pups every 2 weeks or so always with the owners going on about how smart and wonderful demeaner the dogs are. I have hunted with 4 of them at the 8 and 9 months old and look forward to many more hunts with them in the years to come.

Jet was the perfect sire – so handsome with the Labrador look I like. I remember you saying Jet is a calm dog that is also an aggressive upland bird and waterfowl dog. His pups all have those traits and came out preprogramed lovable dogs eager to please and are quick learners. What genetics puts in those little brains is amazing! I’ll be sending my many hunting friends looking for a good dog your way in the future.

I’ve included a few photos of the pups that get passed on to me.
Once again thanks for working with us – together we enriched the lives of 8 families.

~ Tim Nelson

Good Evening Lauren,

We purchased a Chocolate lab from you in March. SKADI is her name. Update for you as she is six months old. I don’t know what you do in your training of pups there, and most of what were seeing in our dog, cannot be “trained”. It’s more natural instinct. Skadi spent the summer in Alaska commercial fishing with myself and my family. She is a “family” dog, but she is actually belongs to my daughter Elsa. And it’s evident she is Elsa’s dog thru and thru.  Since she’s been home from Alaska she attends doggie classes on obedience and basic skills. But thru and thru like I said she has skills.

Example: We had a bobcat in our chicken coop three days ago. Skadi had the cat treed while I went for the gun. The cat got away but chickens got out in the chaos . 5 total. Skadi caught four of them using her paws and the last one I actually gave up on and one hour later she brought the chicken to me “soft mouthed”. I did not teach her that not could I have!

This dog is amazing, flat out! She is defiantly a core part of this family, she sleeps with the kids and has the best temperament.  Thank you Lauren. We will keep you posted as we will be using her for hunting this fall.

Elsa and the family

Our experience choosing a puppy from Silver Bow Labradors has been wonderful from start to finish. I recall my very first phone conversation with Lauren and how it felt like talking to an old friend. I just knew I didn't need to look any farther. She was always professional, friendly, responsive and enthusiastic. I know my family really appreciated all the pictures of the puppies, it helped keep us feeling connected right from the beginning. And on the day we got to choose our puppy, Lauren was there to help us through the entire process. She really listened to what we wanted, and helped making the selection process so much easier so we could find the right little guy. Our boy, a chocolate lab named Moose fits in so well with our family of 4. My boys just love his energy, and his cuddly nature. We can't thank Lauren enough for this experience. We would recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a lab to add to their family. THANK YOU Lauren!
Jenny Chinn

If it comes to hunting dogs, service dogs or just a companion, Lauren offers the best quality dogs from every category. We’ve had our pup for about 3 months now and his attentiveness, drive and intelligence continues to amaze me every single day. His ability to retain commands even at 10 weeks old was astonishing, even more so that i work graveyard shifts and I’m unable to spend as much time as I would like during the day with him, but you would honestly think that I spend countless hours training with him.
We went through Lauren looking for a good hunting dog and house dog, which can be a struggle to get the best of both worlds, but so far he’s shown an unbelievable amount of drive with retrieving but also knows when it’s time relax inside.
He’s the center of attention whenever we take him pretty much anywhere, and we make sure to tell all the gawkers about silver bow labradors!
Ben DeGroote

Absolutely amazing Experience.
The silver bow staff was extremely helpful knowledgeable and made it very easy for me to pick my puppy.
We are completely amazed by how smart are puppy is at only eight weeks and just picked him up yesterday.
He already plays fetch and brings back the ball he sits and stays he understands the command stay out of the kitchen he’s been in our little pool that we have for him and his demeanor is amazing.
We have already recommended Silver Bow to one of our friends looking for a black lab
We named our little chocolate lab dude and he’s an awesome addition to our family.

Thank you Silver Bow Labradors.
Chris Meier

After 40 years with a black lab in the house we figured we were done with dogs when the last one went down two years ago. But that changed when we decided a new puppy was the perfect remedy for Covid boredom.

As experienced lab owners we knew we wanted a puppy with a proven pedigree. Silver Bow seemed to fit our criteria so we contacted Lauren. And we are happy we did. Lauren was able to offer us a pick of a black female from an upcoming litter. We couldn't be more pleased with our choice of a Silver Bow pup.

Rosie is the most gregarious, social puppy we have had. And she is checking all the boxes as she learns what is expected of her in the house and in the field. In the house, she quickly learned to respect boundaries. Even though she is not shy about voicing her displeasure with the command "NO," she complies accordingly.

At 13 weeks she retrieves bumpers to hand and is responding well to "sit, stay, come, heel and down." No doubt that she will be field ready come hunting season 2021.

So if we encounter anyone who, like us, thinks a Labrador puppy might be in their future, we won't hesitate to suggest that they contact Lauren and check out her program at Silver Bow.

Nola and Mike T.

After saying goodbye to our 13-year-old Chocolate Lab, Annie, on May 15th we started our research for another one the very next day. Thank God we found Silver Bow Labradors. We reached out to Lauren, right away, and got on the list for a puppy from Buck and Twist. Just a few short months later we got a text from Lauren that Jake was born, on August 5th.

Lauren sent us updates and pictures of the pups until ultimately, we got to pick up Jake on October 4th. The minute we drove up to the gate Lauren made us feel at home and spent a lot of time talking with us and Jake. We couldn’t have been happier at the hospitality we received.

Fast forward, and Jake turns 7 months this week! He is the most handsome dog I have ever seen, and he is incredibly smart. We cannot walk Jake a single day without a passerby saying how gorgeous he is. He absolutely loves people and he gets along with every dog he meets.

We couldn’t be more thankful to Lauren, and Silver Bow Labradors, for giving us an amazing Chocolate Labrador. We absolutely adore Jake.

Mike & Ashley Blackburn

2020 began like a wrecking ball for my family, with my oldest daughter charting through heartbreaking struggle and emotional pain. If that wasn't enough, I had been laid off in January, a global pandemic took hold, and along without being able to see their friends or go to school, our two younger children were enduring the emotional tolls of a devastated mother. Our family simply needed an injection of love, joy and unity.

As we had long desired to surprise our littles when they were old enough to appreciate and partake in a puppy, we began our search, quickly coming across Silverbow Labradors. Many encounters with chocolate labs had left us feeling as if this breed would be a great fit for our family. When I connected with Lauren, all of the pieces fit. She could 'see' me, she felt and empathized with not just the joy of surprising our kids, but the healing my heart so desperately needed. Lauren was the blessing of all blessings, encouraging me, instilling confidence when I questioned myself, and evaluating us holistically, ensuring not just that her dogs were a fit for us, but that we were also a fit for them.

To say Lauren blessed us with the sweetest pair of chocolates would be the understatement of a lifetime. These girls have brought our family such love, devotion, joy and sweetness imaginable. We simply cannot believe they are ours, and it brings tears to our eyes to have been chosen to love them. At the most basic level, Silverbow Labradors are born sweet, have calm and joyful demeanors, are wickedly brilliant, and so incredibly beautiful.

We are profoundly honored and humbled to have brought our little lady loves into our home and family, and I will be forever thankful Lauren chose us.

All my love,

In April of 2020, we started the search to add a chocolate lab puppy to our home. I had made calls to multiple breeders in Washington State with no response. I found Silver Bow Labradors online and decided to reach out. As I dialed the number, I assumed again that I’d leave a message, ultimately to get no response. However, Lauren answered within the first few rings.

From the beginning with Silver Bow Labradors and Lauren, the match felt like it was meant to be! My husband and I were new to looking for a purebred lab puppy and Lauren gladly walked us through it every step of the way. She answered any and all questions, which made us feel at ease. We ended up talking on the phone multiple times before we eventually made our way to her home to find our fur-ever friend. Throughout each of these conversations, Lauren would get to know us and figure out what kind of dog would be best suited for our lifestyle.

In July, we flew down from Alaska to pick up our puppy from the Bella and Buck litter. Although our place in line was further down, we still had the option between two beautiful chocolate boys (I would have brought them both home if my husband would have let me!). We also got to meet both parents, who were very beautiful dogs!

We have now had Kobe for three full months, and all we can say is “wow!” He is literally the best dog we’ve ever owned. He’s extremely smart with a good, playful energy. However, he can quickly turn it off in the home. Everyone that meets him tells us what a good-looking dog he is, and it’s true! He is very handsome.

I am so fortunate that Lauren picked up the phone on that very first day. The whole process - from beginning to end - with her was a dream. We would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking to add a quality Labrador Retriever to their home!

~ Kalli & Joel

Choosing a pup from Silver Bow Labradors has been nothing short of amazing! I started my search back in May and came across Lauren and never looked back. Lauren is an amazing breeder that knows what she is doing from start to finish! Her communication with us throughout the experience was awesome and the pictures of the pups she provided meant so much to my kids. While we drove the 3.5 hours to pick up our pup we were all nervous not knowing what to expect, however once we got there it felt like visiting an old friend. We could not have asked for a better experience and we will be going back! Our little girl, a chocolate lab named Dutch is the best. Her temperament is just perfect for our family of 5 with three kids 11,8,3. She loves playing with the kids and relaxing. I cannot thank Lauren enough for this exceptional experience. We HIGHLY recommend.

~ Jenn B.

A few months ago we went to Lauren at Silver Bow Labradors to find a chocolate female. We chose a happy little pup that is now eight months old. We get compliments on what a beautiful animal she is on a regular basis. Along with that comes one of the best personalities, she loves everyone and gets along with all dogs we encounter. She is supper intelligent, has a motor that never quits but is so mellow she falls asleep while being given a bath. It has been a pleasure to Whistle train her, very quick to pick up on commands, loves the water and any fetch game she plays. Lauren is great to work with, we have been very happy to recommend her and would not go anywhere else for a pup.

~ Byron Fitch

After much research, I recently chose to purchase my next Chocolate Lab from Silverbow Labs. The experience I had working with Lauren was AMAZING from the beginning. It was a lengthy process by my own choice, and in the end, I was blessed with the privilege of “first pick” from a pairing of Buck and Twister. Lauren was patient with my particular nature and laundry list of questions. Her experience as a breeder was evident, and she was willing to answer all my questions. She provided great tips and guidance but, in the end, encouraged me to choose the pup I felt would best suit my family and my needs as a hunter. On the day I arrived to select my pup, I had my 7-year-old son with me, and we were welcomed with open arms. The selection process was no pressure and lots of conversation. My pup is now about 7 months old, and he has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. “Buck Jr” is very energetic but also extremely, naturally intelligent and obedient. He LOVES to retrieve and lives for the water, both of which I also observed to be strong natural desires for him. He is playful but gentle with my children (now 4 and 8) and very loyal to my family and I, yet also very friendly and social. We could not be happier with our experience at Silverbow. I have, and will continue, to recommend Silverbow Labs to anyone who asks. I plan to return to Silverbow Labs in the future to visit AND to select my next pup, when that time comes.

~ B. Chance

We had a great experience with Lauren. She has amazing dogs. They are pretty, smart and so kind to people! The whole experience with Lauren is wonderful. She accommodates us and gave tips on how to handle new puppies. We would recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing family dog!

~ Wei Wu

I recently chose Silverbow Labs for a Chocolate Lab for my family but ended up leaving with so much more. While waiting for my puppy the breeder Lauren kept me up to date and informed of everything that was going on with the process which included expected litter dates and was notified immediately when the puppies were born! Upon arrival to pick up the puppy we instantly felt like part of the family which definitely made the whole process of actually choosing a pup a lot easier. We were able to take our time and observe the puppies before actually making a decision and never felt rushed for a minute. It has been awhile since a puppy was in our home and we appreciated speaking with Lauren who was able to offer expert advice on feeding, training and raising the pup. That day our family was not only blessed with a beautiful chocolate lab but also a new friend that I feel comfortable calling anytime with additional questions. Silverbow Labs has a customer and friend for years to come and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and family.

~ Mark B.

We were blown away by our experience with Silverbow Labradors. From arriving on the property, Lauren greeted us as if we were family. She guided us in the selection of our pup and gave us ample time to bond with each one. She gave us just the right amount of information about each puppy without influencing our decision. It really is about finding the best fit for each family. We are so grateful to be home with the newest addition to our family, and I know we will stay in touch with Lauren. This is a lifelong relationship.

At our puppy’s first vet appointment the doctor’s words were, “He’s the perfect puppy- perfect demeanor- perfect health- so sweet.”

~ Brandt and Allison R

First, I must say that we LOVE our Silverbow pup. Every time we take her out people comment on how stunning she is. We have had many people tell us that “she is calm for a lab”. That is a Silverbow pup, hard charging in the field and calm inside. Lauren has chosen her lines well, ensuring excellent health, intelligence and a fantastic temperament. We are clients for life! Thank you Silverbow and Lauren for a wonderful addition to our family!

~ Britni L

We are extremely happy with our Chocolate Lab 'Goose'. She has been so remarkable in everything she learns. She has loved getting into water from day one. At 12 weeks she began retrieving a Hungarian Partridge tossed for her, at 3 months she was retrieving pheasants in the field for us. It's very apparent that she's a natural born hunter. 'Goose' is now 6 months and has the abilities of an adult dog. She is strong, athletic, and confident. Her disposition is calm and well mannered. She is very intelligent and a loyal companion. 'Goose' is a serious bird hunter, but also a member of the family. My wife and I have been raising and training Labradors for quite a few years. 'Goose' has more than proven to us that she comes from quality bloodlines and excellent breeding. Thank you for producing our 'dog of a lifetime'.

~ John and Laurel Berger

I would like to thank you for picking Casey for me. She is wonderful, beautiful and has a great temperament. She turned nine months old at the end of this season, and already has over 300 goose retrieves under her collar. A couple of those were 300-500 yard blind ones that will stay in my memory banks forever. I know she is going to be one of those 'great dogs of a lifetime' and we can't wait for next year.

Lauren, you and your operation were exceptionally impressive to me and I have and would recommend you and your Labs to anyone. Thanks again.

~ Darrel Wise

I'm writing to let you know how wonderful we feel about your dogs. Our first lab was big and full of life. She was so easy to train for duck hunting From six months on we had a hard time not taking her when we hunted because she knew we were going by what we were wearing. She would quiver all over waiting for her invitation to join us. We were very surprised how quickly she understood her job, maybe because she enjoyed it so much or maybe because she really wanted to please us, but it was a snap. I believe I enjoyed watching her work more than anything else. She would sit patiently in the blinds until we shot, she would watch where the ducks would land, and when we told her to get the ducks, she already had a plan. All this and she was only ten months of age.

Her manners in our house were the best, she was treated like one of the family and she deserved it. She behaved nicely, played when it was allowed with the other dogs, and when it was quiet time she calmed down and laid still. It was very tragic to us when we lost her in an accident and felt a terrible loss to which we were not sure how to fill the void.

Luckily you were able to produce yet another wonderful lab puppy to which we have equally enjoyed. At seven weeks old when we received her she had already developed a personality like no other. House training was quick and her manners in our house are fabulous. She sits at the door and barks when she needs to go out. Her disposition around the other dogs is wonderful and she too behaves quietly while in the house and is full of life when she is outside.

So many people have met her and the other lab and the result was there is now a half a dozen of your dogs in the Gallatin Valley and a love for these chocolate labs that is remarkable. I believe that alone speaks for your dogs. Thank you for your hard work in building a great program in Montana and making it easy to obtain such wonderful dogs.

My sincerest thank you,
Kathy Fletcher


Silver Bow Labradors
Lauren Seitz
[email protected]

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